dataviz boring
^ Data collected on ( feb. 2020 )

Am I boring?

‘Data is all around us. Data is pervasive and plentiful and the things it can do for you are amazing. It can propel your business and improve your life …’

It could be the first paragraph of an article about the miraculousness of data. A little while ago I decided to learn more about my personal data. As a funky experiment I entered my Instagram username in an ‘Instagram profile color palette extractor’, waited a second and …

‘By accelerating the ability to turn data into insights that are actionable, you can gain a huge advantage on a professional and personal level*

I decided to put my own perception into account and collected the main colours from my last 81 Instagram posts. I compared them to the amount of likes per post. What you see is the visual outcome of my personal profile color palette extractor. What you see is what you get.

End of experiment.

* ‘Data is everywhere and that’s a good thing‘ by Forsyth Alexander on IBM Business analytics blog

** As Instagram has started its experiment to remove the number of likes from a post I am not sure if all the likes are taken into account ( feb. 2020 )

For further interest:

Besides DEVISUEELMAKER I run my personal account on instagram: /orphansocks. Orphan socks once started with a small webshop selling curated items from designers around the globe. Nowadays the account still exists as a square view on the world around me.  The top 3 most liked posts from the above 81? Here they are: